How to Make Money from Writing Movie Reviews

In this post, I’ll show you how to make money from writing movie reviews. You’ll learn how to choose a niche, watch movies and take notes, write your review, publish your review, and monetize your review.

How to Make Money from Writing Movie Reviews

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer, you’ll find some useful tips and tricks to improve your skills and earn some cash. Ready to get started?

Let’s dive in!

Choose a Niche

The first step to writing movie reviews is to choose a niche that suits your style and audience. A niche is a specific topic or genre that you focus on, such as horror, comedy, action, romance, etc. By choosing a niche, you can establish yourself as an expert and attract loyal readers who share your interests.

You can also narrow down your niche further by choosing a subgenre, a theme, a director, an actor, or a country of origin. For example, you could write reviews about Korean thrillers, Marvel superhero movies, or Wes Anderson’s quirky films.

Watch Movies and Take Notes

The next step is to watch movies and take notes. You can watch movies on streaming platforms, online rentals, DVDs, or in theaters. As you watch, pay attention to the plot, the characters, the cinematography, the music, the dialogue, the themes, and the messages. Write down your impressions, opinions, feelings, questions, and criticisms. You can also compare and contrast the movie with other similar or different movies. Try to be objective and fair, but also honest and personal.

Write Your Review

The third step is to write your review. A movie review is a short piece of writing that summarizes the movie and evaluates its strengths and weaknesses. A good movie review should have the following elements:

  • An introduction that gives some background information about the movie, such as the title, the director, the genre, the release date, and the main actors.
  • A summary that briefly describes the main plot and events of the movie without giving away any spoilers.
  • An analysis that discusses the various aspects of the movie, such as the acting, the directing, the writing, the visuals, the music, the themes, and the messages. You should support your opinions with examples and evidence from the movie.
  • A conclusion that wraps up your review and gives your overall rating of the movie. You can use a star system or a numerical scale to rate the movie from 1 to 10 or from poor to excellent.

Publish Your Review

The final step is to publish your review. You can publish your review on your own blog or website, or on a platform that allows you to post movie reviews, such as IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Letterboxd, or Metacritic. You should also promote your review on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. You can also join online communities and forums where movie lovers discuss and share their opinions.

Make Money from Your Review

There are several ways to make money from writing movie reviews. Here are some of them:

  • Advertising: You can display ads on your blog or website using services such as Google AdSense or You will earn money every time someone clicks on an ad or views an ad impression.
  • Affiliate Marketing: You can join affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates or ShareASale and link to products related to movies, such as DVDs, books, merchandise, or tickets. You will earn a commission every time someone buys something through your link.
  • Sponsored Posts: You can collaborate with brands or companies that want to promote their products or services related to movies. You can write a review or a post that features their product or service and include a disclaimer that it is sponsored. You will receive a fee for writing the post.
  • Patreon: You can create a Patreon account and ask your readers to support you with monthly donations. You can offer them exclusive perks such as early access to your reviews, behind-the-scenes content, polls, Q&A sessions, or shout-outs.
  • Substack: You can create a Substack account and send your reviews as newsletters to your subscribers. You can charge them a monthly or yearly fee for accessing your content.

These are some of the ways you can make money from writing movie reviews. Of course, you should always write with passion and integrity and provide value to your readers. Writing movie reviews can be fun and rewarding if you do it right. I hope this blog post has helped you learn how to do that. Thank you for reading!