How to Make Money Online By Typing Names in 2023

Are you looking for a way to make money online? Then look no further – we will go over how to make money online by typing names. Typing names is a great opportunity that will allow you to work from home and earn some extra cash.

How to Make Money Online By Typing Names in 2023

You can do this job whenever you want, wherever you want! It’s flexible and easy. Plus, it’s fun too!

If the idea of making money sounds good to you then sign up today and start typing names right away.

Let’s talk about how to earn $300 by typing names online

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How can I make money online by typing names?

First off, you can earn money online by typing names – for real.

That said, we will discuss 4 side-hustle opportunity in particular which pays you to write names and one of them is offered by an online company called Squadhelp.

Squadhelp’s online community comprises over 70,000 creatives worldwide, who have already helped over 14,000 businesses and entrepreneurs find names, logos, and slogans for their companies.

You can earn money with them in 3 ways. They are :

  • Entering contests for naming the business
  • Selling names, logos, etc
  • Affiliate or referral

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Squadhelp?

Squahelp is a company which helps other businesses find names, logos, and slogans for their brands. They’re a crowdsourcing platform i.e. you can sign on with them as a creative and participate to help the businesses.

The amount of money you can make on Squadhelp depends on how many contests you enter, what the prize money is, how many you win, and if you take advantage of the Marketplace and sell on there.

With 200,000+ creatives and 30,000+ successful naming projects, Squadhelp is by far the largest naming platform across the globe.

Is Squadhelp legit?

Yes, this company is 100% legit.

They have been featured on Entrepreneur, Inc, Huffington Post, and Business Insider.

If you check TrustPilot, you will know that they have an over 4.6 rating which definitely makes it legit.

How to Make Money Online By Typing Names in 2023

You can also read several testimonials here –

A few of them here-

feedback and testimonials on squadhelp for an article on how to make money typing names online

I also went and checked Trustpilot to look at businesses experience with naming and most of them were great.

Here are a few for you –

feedback and testimonials on squadhelp for an article on how to make money typing names online
feedback and testimonials on squadhelp for an article on how to make money typing names online

Can you make money on Squadhelp?

In short, yes. You can absolutely earn money developing names for business on Squadhelp.

Simply have a look at one of the top Creatives on the system now:

This Squadhelp participant has actually currently made a total of over $70,000 by winning naming competitions and offering names on the Marketplace.

So there’s absolutely cash to be made below.

However, in order to truly be successful on Squadhelp and make good cash inputting names, you’ll need to come up with truly imaginative and initial names, or if you so pick, logo designs and taglines.

If you go into names right into competitions that aren’t appealing or don’t work well for companies, then you won’t make much cash using Squadhelp.

The far better your name ideas, a lot more likes you’ll receive, as well as the closer you’ll be to getting what’s called Rate An Imaginative condition.

So if you have reputation concepts, then just how much money can you make?

Well, the amount of cash you can make on Squadhelp depends upon how many contests you get in, what the prize money is, the number of you win, and also if you benefit from the Industry and sell there.

The prize money quantity for each contest largely relies on the rates bundle a company purchased.

To provide you a suggestion, Squadhelp offers the following prepare for organization names, and you can see how much you’ll make for winning each kind of calling competition:

  • Bronze — Business Price = $299, Prize to Creative = $135.
  • Gold — Business Cost = $449, Reward to Creative = $200.
  • Platinum — Business Expense = $749, Reward to Creative = $300.
  • Managed — Business Cost = $999, Reward to Creative = differs, yet expect $300-$ 500.

Can you earn $300 by typing names online on Squadhelp?

Yes, you can make money on Squadhelp.

It depends on how many contests you enter and win as well as if you put your name out there via the Marketplace.

How to Make Money Online By Typing Names in 2023

You can see that IMD’s a Tier A creative and has earned over $30k in income with Squadhelp.

However, in order to be successful on Squadhelp and earn a good income typing names, you’ll need to come up with genuinely inventive and distinctive names

The more contests you enter, the higher your chances are of winning them.

The greater the prize money, the more money you make on Squadhelp.

But, this is just one way to make money online by typing names.

Besides that, you can also sell logos, names, etc on their marketplace and refer it to friends to make some affiliate or referral income.

How do I sign up for Squadhelp and earn money typing names?

To sign up for Squadhelp and earn money typing names, click here to create your account

You can contribute to Squadhelp and make money typing names in three ways: 

  1. Naming contests 
  2. Logo design contests 
  3. Selling your domains in our Marketplace

Get Started With Naming Contests and earn $300 by typing names

After you’ve paid your membership, it’ll be unlocked for you to access to a few naming projects.

You can discover them by hovering over Active Contests and then clicking Assigned To Me after that.

According to Squadhelp, you should participate in all of them.

If your name suggestions are well-received within the first projects, you will be permitted to join additional contests until you have full access to the platform!

Before you get started, we highly recommend you read Squadhelp’s Naming Guide for Creatives

Check here on how to submit your entry to a naming contest.

Get Started With Logo And Design Contests

If you’re interested in working for Squadhelp as a designer, send us a link to your portfolio or samples of your work to [email protected] and begin the account review process.

Get Started With The Squadhelp Domain Marketplace 

Squadhelp’s domain marketplace is the platform to sell your work – it could be branding, names, logos etc.

The best thing? – Squadhelp does not charge any fees besides the standard selling commission for listing. There are no listing fees, no Logo Design fees, no Appraisal fees or any other hidden fees.

There are two options to submit to Squadhelp Domain Marketplace:

  • Option 1 – Names You Already Own: Domain Owners can submit their domains into the Squadhelp Marketplace to be listed for sale and marketed to potential buyers.
  • Option 2 – Available Names that you don’t currently own: You can nominate available domains that you previously submitted to Squadhelp naming contests. If approved, Squadhelp will pay for domain registration and list them for sale on your behalf. 

and, check out the video to understand how to be a part of their marketplace.

How do you make money on Squadhelp?

Enter Contests

When you initially signup, you are assigned few contests to assess your overall quality of submissions.

Based upon the quality of your submissions, you will continue to be assigned additional contests.

Once you have received enough high ratings on your submissions, your account will be upgraded to “Full Access”, so that you can begin participating in all open contests.

Most contests on Squadhelp last for a week, and winning Creatives earn between $100 and $300 per contest.

You will have the option to participate and make money online by typing names through the following contests

  • Naming Only
  • Naming and Taglines
  • Tagline Only
  • Logo & Design

If you’re a new creative, which I am guessing you are, go to the contests menu and select Active Contests.

I recommend you play around with the filters – you can filter by industry, business type, date published, etc.

How to Make Money Online By Typing Names in 2023

On the right, you can read a bit about how the contests are.

You have to sign an NDA i.e. non-disclosure agreement for most of them.

This is to protect information about the brand, company, naming, etc.

It is a pretty standard procedure so you can just sign on.

Some of these contests are just for Tier A creatives, so you need to look at that.

This status is only offered to a selected few creatives who have demonstrated a consistent pattern of high-quality submissions. 

That means, make sure you submit quality names, logos, taglines, etc. Put some thought behind it to ensure it meets the brand guidelines and essence.

There are 4 ways to become eligible for Tier A status: 

  • Method 1: If you have won at least 1 contest during the last 6 months and your percentile score (based upon CH ratings) is 80% or above.
  • Method 2: If you have won at least 3 contests during the last 6 months and your percentile score (based upon CH ratings) is 60% or above.
  • Method 3: If you have been with Squadhelp for at least 30 days and your percentile score is 85% or above.
  • Method 4: If you have received 20 or more lifetime wins at Squadhelp. 

So, make sure you have quality submissions that are accepted and rated good by businesses.

Businesses will mark your ideas as either:

  • No, thank you. 
  • On right track. 
  • Like it.
  • Love it.
  • Shortlisted. 

You want to be at the bottom three of the options. If most of your initial entries are marked as “love it” or “shortlisted”, then you have a good chance of winning as well as getting to a Tier A creative status.

Use Marketplace to sell

Squadhelp does not charge any fees besides the standard selling commission.

There are no listing fees, no Logo Design fees, no Appraisal fees, or any other hidden fees.

Before 2020, for Seller owned domains, the typical commission charged by Squadhelp ranges from 35% of the selling price to 15% of the selling price.

But, after 2020, for Seller owned Domains added to the Marketplace after September 1, 2020, the commission % is based upon the selling price of the domain.

Check this page for more details on Commissions and other Benefits. 

You can easily make $1000+ per sale of the domain on this platform. For real.

Affiliate or Referral income

Besides making money online by typing names, you can earn money with their referral program.

  1. When someone signs up and launches a contest – $30
  2. When someone signs up and and buys a domain on the Squadhelp Marketplace – $35  
  3. Earn points when friends/family create a Squadhelp account

How do I get paid to type names on Squadhelp?

In order to get paid for any contests you win or names you sell, you’ll need to setup your Paypal account. You will need to fill out a W9 or W8-BEN form. You need to pay taxes on your earnings, and they might also ask for other documentation to verify your account.

Am I guaranteed to earn cash by participating in contests?

There is no guarantee that you will win cash rewards by joining contests. Only the winner of the contest earns a cash award.

How much can I earn if I win a contest?

You can earn $300 by typing names online. It is completely legit! Most of their contests typically have an award amount between $100 and $300. Some contests may have a higher award amount.

What are other ways to make money online typing names?

If you’re not sold on Squadhelp as well as searching for other methods to make money online by typing names, then there are still some other wonderful choices for you.

However, the majority of these will certainly require inputting other points in addition to names in order to generate income.

Yet the essential point is that they are totally typing-based jobs that you can do from the house as well as online.

So let’s have a look at some of one of the most typical inputting jobs where you can make money.

1. Data Entry

Data entrance appears about as obscure as the work really is.

What data you’re asked to get in, and what software or document you’re asked to enter it right into, actually varies relying on the business that hires you as well as what they require.

In general, the majority of data entrance job entails typing info right into Excel spreadsheets or on the internet databases.

As well a lot of this information will be names, addresses, links, contact numbers, etc.

There are 4 terrific places to discover data access work online, such as:

Fiverr — Among the leading freelance task sites for a range of skills, consisting of data entry.

Upwork — One more freelance site where you can locate information entry work.

Task Rabbit — A website that connects you to people in your area looking for others to do a variety of tasks, consisting of data entry.

Fancy Hands — A website for organizations as well as entrepreneurs looking for virtual assistants to help them full points like information entrance, amongst others.

2. Transcription

For transcription job, you are sent brief sound and/or video data that you require to type and also transcribe.

The great feature of transcription jobs is that you don’t have to have any type of experience in transcription beforehand.

You can register with significant firms like TranscribeMe and also Rev today. They’ll ask you to study a transcription formatting overview and take an examination prior to approving you, so you should most definitely have fast and also accurate keying skills.

The faster typer you are, the even more work and cash you can make with transcription!

Have a look at TranscribeMe as well as Rev today to see how you can begin making money online typing.

3. MicroTask Sites

MicroTask sites use some inputting work, typically in the form of transcription and data entrance.

One of the most widely known micro-tasking systems is MechanicalTurk (mTurk), since it’s, well,

The method it functions is this:

Businesses and also corporations outsource work to mTurk staff members. As opposed to one worker doing an entire information access work, it’ll instead be shared amongst several mTurk workers. In this manner, the work obtains done faster and also a lot more properly.

You can signup for work with mTurk fairly swiftly as well as begin finishing inputting help businesses today!

How do I get paid to kind names on Squadhelp?

So as to get paid for any kind of competitions you win or names you market, you’ll require to set up your Paypal or Payoneer account on Squadhelp.

You’ll additionally be asked to send a W9 type and also tax obligation identification information in order to get any money.

Squadhelp counts exclusively on Paypal and also Payoneer, suggesting you can not obtain incomes through direct bank transfer or any other way.

Final Thoughts on Making Money Online by Typing Names

Making money online by typing names is not an easy job and it will take time and effort to get paid.

You should always provide high-quality entries that meet the requirements of businesses and be willing to work with them.

We wish you best of luck in making money online typing names!