How to Make Money as a Kid at Home (27 Real Ways) 2023

In this guide, I’m gonna teach you, how to make money as a kid or teener at home. Discovering ways to earn money at a young age can help build solid financial habits that last. It only requires an idea and the determination to follow through.

How to Make Money as a Kid at Home (27 Real Ways) 2023

Need some assistance to kickstart the process? Here are 27 straightforward methods to make money as a kid, both online and offline.

How to Make Money as a Kid

How to Make Money as a Kid

Younger kids can find easy ways to earn at home or in the local community.

1. Do chores and odd jobs around the house or neighborhood

Children who are capable can do tasks at home or in the neighborhood to earn money. For instance, families can decide how much each chore is worth, such as cleaning dishes, vacuuming, folding clothes, or removing weeds.

2. Become a Babysiter, walk dogs and feed pets for pay

Becoming a reliable babysitter for busy parents in your area is a good way to make money as a kid. Building trust is really important. If you get along well with your neighbors, you can make money as a kid by watching kids who are younger than you. Charging around $10 to $15 per hour is reasonable. Want to give it a try? Get your parents to help you let people know – you can make flyers or send emails to potential clients.

Taking care of dogs and pets while neighbors are gone is another option for kids to earn money. Just tell your friends and neighbors that you’re interested and ready to help.

3. Sell your stuff in person or online

Selling things you don’t need, like clothes, books, toys, and furniture, is a fast way to make money as a kid. Kids can set up a garage or yard sale, or use apps and websites to sell stuff. The OfferUp app allows kids who are 16 and up to sell things with their parents’ supervision.

Creative kids can also sell their art, jewelry, T-shirts, and other creations either in person or online. Kids aged 13 to 17 can sell on Etsy using their parent or guardian’s account (with permission). Parents can manage accounts for kids under 13.

4. Sell lemonade in the summer

No items to sell? Try a classic lemonade stand (remember, some places need a permit, so check your local rules). When it’s sunny out, set up and offer lemonade to people passing by. Make it more interesting by mixing in seltzer for some bubbles, and put it on your sign to attract customers. You can charge a bit more for the fizzy option.

5. Teach others a skill

Tell people about your hobbies and skills that others might want to learn. For instance, you could teach a class on drawing, offer lessons in music, cooking, or soccer. Teaching improves your knowledge and skills while let you make money as a kid.

7 Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

7 Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

Kids 13 and up have access to additional online platforms to monetize their skills, among other options.

1. Find local gigs through Nextdoor

If it’s allowed, use social networking groups to find local jobs. Teens who are 13 and up can do more than just telling people – they can use apps like Nextdoor to offer services like babysitting, dog walking, or lawn mowing.

2. Freelance

Teens can make money as a kid and showcase their talents by freelancing online. This offers flexible hours, the chance to set your rates, and a wide range of skills to offer. You could write blog posts, make logos, edit podcasts, or create websites.

Many freelancing sites require you to be 18 or older, but some, like Fiverr, allow users as young as 13. If existing platforms don’t suit you, ask a parent for help to start your freelancing business. Explore more business ideas for teens who want to be entrepreneurs.

3. Tutor your peers

If you’re really good at certain school subjects, you can offer to help other students for money. Start by asking your classmates or siblings if they want to hire you as a tutor. You can also put up flyers in places like schools, libraries, and coffee shops – just make sure to get permission first.

4. Take surveys

Kids with a lot of free time might consider doing online surveys. These surveys don’t need any special skills or experience. Some websites, like Swagbucks and MyPoints, allow teens as young as 13 to participate. Here’s the deal: You answer questions and give your opinions on various topics, and in return, you earn cash, gift cards, or other rewards.

But there are downsides: It can get boring, the pay isn’t much, and sometimes you need to share personal info like your age or where you live. Before jumping in, kids and parents should think about these things carefully.

5. Search for regular jobs for kids

Rules about kids working have a few exceptions for those under 14. For instance, kids can work in their parent’s business, do some jobs in farming or entertainment, and even deliver newspapers.

But for teenagers who meet the regular minimum age, there are many more job options. Places like grocery stores, retail shops, and restaurants often hire teens.

You can search online job listings, watch for “help wanted” signs, and ask businesses close by if they have any job openings.

6. Monetize your social media accounts

Earning money through social media requires time, commitment, and a big group of followers. But many kids have gained fame and even money by sharing dance videos, reviewing toys, teaching skills, and making other content on popular websites. TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are open to kids aged 13 and older.

7. Get paid to stream on Twitch

Love playing or discussing video games? There’s a crowd for that on Twitch. Kids who are 13 or older and have a parent or guardian’s help can start livestreaming on this gaming platform and make money from donations, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and more. However, building a big audience won’t be simple. Discover more about making money on Twitch and consider these alternative ideas for now.

How to Make Money From Home as a Kid

How to Make Money From Home as a Kid

Sure, let’s explore how kids can earn money. No matter their age or school grade, there are plenty of chances for your kids to start making some cash. Here are 15 ways they can get started:

1. Babysit or be a nanny.

Look into babysitting certification classes at your nearby hospital or community center. You can also use reliable websites like UrbanSitter to find well-paying babysitting jobs with trustworthy families that offer flexible hours.

2. Do yard work in the neighborhood.

Weeding, tidying up after pets, gardening, and leaf raking – yard tasks keep going, whatever the season. Taking care of yards is quite a task. Many folks would happily pay others to handle it, so ask the neighbors if they need assistance. In colder areas, shoveling snowy driveways and paths in winter can be useful for older neighbors and a nice money-making opportunity for your kid.

3. Tutor other kids.

Your child might excel in math or have a talent for writing – either way, there are students who could use help in these subjects. So, why not let them sharpen their teaching skills and earn money while doing it?

4. Wash and vacuum cars.

If you’re in a neighborhood with lots of families, I bet many cars nearby have a bunch of Cheerios hiding under the seats. Your kid could easily turn this into a side job. Plus, vacuums are really easy to carry around these days. You can also create a budget-friendly car wash kit with items like buckets, sponges, and soap from the dollar store.

5. Walk dogs or pet sit.

Does your child adore animals? Walking dogs and taking care of pets (with adult supervision, if necessary) can be super rewarding. They get to earn money, enjoy free cuddles, and spend time outdoors in the sun – all without the long-term responsibility of owning a pet. It’s a great deal for everyone!

6. Host a garage sale.

If you’ve been wanting to declutter your home (not exactly how I want to spend a Saturday either), involve your kids. They can have a good time while earning some money by finding old holiday decorations and forgotten toys to sell to families who can use them. Plus, you’ll end up with extra space in your house!

7. Have a bake sale.

Who can resist a yummy homemade cupcake? Organizing a bake sale is a fantastic way to achieve three things: bake tasty treats, earn money, and create special memories with your kids. So, why wait? Look up some fun recipes online and start baking!

8. Sell arts and crafts.

Use your imagination, and your kids can create lots of arts and crafts to sell inexpensively. Consider making homemade Christmas ornaments, personalized keychains, decorative photo frames, customized placemats, handmade potholders, decorative flowerpots, and much more. To begin, take a stroll around your nearby craft store for inspiration.

9. Teach music lessons or perform at events.

If your child is musically talented, why not inspire them to share their skill with others? They could offer lessons to fellow students after school or perform at local events with community organizations.

10. Share creative talents on online freelance sites.

Websites like Fiverr, Etsy, and UpWork are great for older teens to begin growing a clientele for their creative work. If your child has skills in illustration, writing, photography, audio technology, or any other marketable area, they can take on paid projects. They could also help local businesses with social media or contribute to neighborhood magazines. These platforms offer wonderful opportunities for them to showcase their talents and earn money.

11. Sell homemade jewelry.

Your kids can enjoy themselves while crafting special, handmade accessories such as earrings, friendship bracelets, and personalized necklaces. Craft stores offer tools, beautiful beads, and charms for jewelry making. Encourage your kids to let their artistic and entrepreneurial sides shine by selling their creations to friends, family, and neighbors!

12. Resell furniture and clothes.

As your kids grow and their clothes and bedroom furniture don’t fit anymore, you can help them sell these items. You can use apps like Mercari, Poshmark, and thredUP to list gently used clothes, or visit a local consignment store to get cash.

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For bigger things like furniture, give Facebook Marketplace a shot. You and your teen can choose buyers and arrange a safe public place to make the sale. (Remember, safety is key, so supervise when selling online.)

13. Get a part-time job.

If they’re of the right age, teenagers can search for part-time jobs that fit around their school hours. Consider weekend or evening shifts and temporary roles during summer vacation. Explore opportunities at local libraries, movie theaters, the YMCA, frozen yogurt shops, and other retail or service industry jobs for a reliable source of income.

14. Recycle cans and bottles.

I get it, recycling cans for money might seem old-fashioned. But you know, if something works well, why change it? Give a quick Google search to see if your city pays for recycling. Plus, here’s a bonus: The more you recycle, the better our planet becomes. Even small efforts add up!

How Teens Can Make Money Online

How to Make Money as a Kid at Home (27 Real Ways) 2023

Here are a few ideas of how teens and kids can make money online:

If you know advanced code:

  • Design websites: while it may take a bit of work to find clients, demand for website creation continues to be strong.
  • Create apps: this too could take a bit of up-front work to locate clients but many companies and individuals are interested in creating apps. But they need the expertise to help them do it.
  • Fixing computer viruses and other problems: clients for this service can be found both locally and online.
  • Teach other kids how to code: many parents want their kids to learn how to code.

More media-centric technology:

  • Film YouTube videos and make money on advertising: it will take time and effort to build a following but once you do, a YouTube channel can be lucrative.
  • Begin a blog and make money on traditional advertising and affiliate marketing: this will also require a lot of up-front effort to build a following but can eventually turn into passive income.
  • Consult on social media: if you are savvy with social media marketing, businesses could use your expertise.
  • Manage a blogger’s social media: many bloggers would rather spend time writing than scheduling their social media and are willing to pay good per-hour rates for this service.

Earn Money Through Online Surveys and Other Online Paid Programs

  • MusicXRay
  • Slicethepie
  • Survey Sites:
    • Swagbucks
    • MySurvey
    • Vindale Research
    • Survey Voices
    • Global Test Market
    • Userlytics 

Tips for making money as a kid

Tips for making money as a kid

Starting to earn money when you’re young can teach you responsibility, a strong work ethic, and how money works. However, it’s important for families to set clear priorities and rules.

Talk to parents, teachers, counselors, and other trusted adults. They can provide advice, supervision (if needed), and even help you find paid opportunities. Online resources can be useful too. For instance, you can explore young workers’ rights and job options on the U.S. Department of Labor website.

Always read the terms and conditions before using any online platform to make sure you meet the age and other requirements. Be cautious of scams as well.

Where Teens Can Find a Job

When your teenager is ready to find a job, where should they begin searching?

While some jobs require individuals to be 18 or older or hold a driver’s license, the retail and food industries often offer the best options for teens aged 14 to 18.

The articles below offer suggestions on where high school students can discover part-time employment opportunities:

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